Are Apple AirPods worth it?

I have the wired headphones right now and am thinking about buying AirPods. But they're SUPER expensive (more than what I even had to pay for my iPhone XR). So I want to get peoples opinions on them. These are the questions I have:

•Is the sound as good or worse? (I’ve heard that they’re good and bad so I’m not sure) sound means a lot to me and I love how the wired ones sound.

•How long do they last until they have to be charged? I use them quite a bit for long periods of time.

•Do you currently have them and do you like them and do you think they’re worth the money? Or do you like the wired ones better? 

•Your opinion on pros and cons of them.

I really would just buy them and try for myself but like I said they’re expensive and want some opinions first. Thanks in advance :)

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