The Bold and The Beautiful: Hope just got her baby Beth back! So why is she and her nosy mother Brooke trying to take Douglas away from his?

father Thomas??? Hope said Thomas should give up his parental rights and let her adopt Douglas "because it's the right thing to do!" What??? Since when do you take somebody else's child just because you don't like the boy's single father? Caroline is dead! She is Douglas' mother, not Hope! Thomas is the only parent that boy has left. Maybe somebody should take baby Beth away from Hope and give her back to Stuffy Steffy!

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    I am finding the actions of Ridge and Brooke to be really awful.  It is as if their marriage means nothing to them.  Taking a ring off or on has nothing to do with love or loyalty.  Brooke was bad, until I heard the plan that Hope has for custody of Douglas.  I would think that would be illegal.  I enjoyed the get-together in Eric's house for all the Forrester men. Thomas went through a bad time before on the soap, and I keep wondering when they will make him pay.  But now it seems as if Hope is playing games also. Too many games on soap operas, and they teach the real ppl how to play games in real Life.  

  • Because Thomas is deranged, he has a mental problem and they think he is not suitable to be Douglas father and take care of him the right way..I also think that Thomas killed his wife  Caroline but there is no proof of that yet.  I too would try to get Douglass away from his father. and Yes Hope should be more concern about her daughter Beth too, I think something will come about  Beth with Liam and Steffy in regard to neglecting her daughter. 

  • Kris
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    1 month ago

    I do believe Hope is obsessed with Douglas. Her plan to adopt him is going to backfire on her.

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    Brook & Hope have NO understanding how someone else feels. They don't even try to imagine how things might feel if the shoe were on the other foot. They don't have the capacity in their hearts to relate.  With that, they have no compassion of what Ridge is trying to tell them. Even with explaining it's the same feeling of what they felt regarding Beth. They just took Beth from Steffy without a thought of how she feels. There's better ways of dealing with things. Especially since there is room for all of them to love Douglas and Beth with a fight. Now, the same thing is happening to them regarding Douglas, and they can't accept it so they are taking the wrong kind of action. Both Brooke & Hope are sociopaths. Empathy is always a gateway to compassion that both Brooke and Hope lack. Good question! They'll both be shocked when Douglas ends up being Ridge's son after all..

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  • night
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    1 month ago

    I really don't think Hope has ever seen her attachment to Douglas as abnormal, it is. Brooke and Hope do care for Douglas, but they aren't seeing the big picture here. Thomas is his only parent, and he used his son to get to Hope. Hope doesn't want Thomas and needs to put some distance between his family and hers. Now she is playing games to try to take Douglas from Thomas, lying to her husband, and leading Thomas on. Someone needs to put a stop to it before Douglas gets hurt again.

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