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Rising Price of Bicycles?

Due to Trump's trade war with China, the price of bikes & many parts has zoomed up.  Are you more likely now to keep an older bike & keep up the maintenance on it?  Or, is a new bike in your future?  Can't believe my 2013 Fuji is now 6 years old.  But for an 'entry level' road bike, it still works well & suits my needs.   

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    It's not just Trump's trade war that's caused prices to rise. There's been vast improvements in just a few short years. I suspect as more & more of these bikes are sold, prices might stabilize. Bikes have now gone to tubeless tires, electronic shifting, hydraulic disc brakes with thru-axle mounting of the hub and so on.

    But, seeing that I'm more of a "commuter" than a racer, I see no need to get rid of my tried & true 2010 Clubman. Lord knows how many miles are on it. I don't even use a bike computer. My brother (Old Hippie) does & his 2011 Sojourn topped 10,000 miles.

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  • 9 months ago

    trump is a devil

  • 10 months ago

    Which components have gone up quite a bit?

    I have tens of thousands of miles on this 'entry level road bike ' and the shifting system and bottom bracket work just fine. Not a big concern.

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    Prices tend to drop when technologies are developed to lower manufacturing cost and competition is intense amongst competitors. Which is most often seen in the electronics industry. The electronics of today are often cheaper and function better than the electronics of 5 years ago.

    The cycling industry though big isn't anywhere near as big as the electronics industry. Therefore the competition isn't as competitive amongst cycling manufacturers as something like the electronics industry. Which is why research to lower manufacturing cost isn't as necessary. What all this means is unlike the electronics industry time doesn't decrease the price of future bicycles.

    Bottom line current trade policies are only playing a small role on bicycle prices.

    Source(s): Motorized Bicycle Owner and Builder.
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  • pmt853
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    10 months ago

    So far as I can see Trump's trade war (which he says is easy to win) has not affected bike or component prices here in the UK - we have Brexit to look forward too of course. If my bikes are suitable for my needs I keep then in reasonably good condition and keep them until they're no longer useful to me. I haven't bought a new bike for about 7 years but my 3 all work just fine.

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    I drive. If I need to go somewhere close by, I’ll just walk. There are way too many people who have been killed riding bikes. Someone that works on my floor was killed a few years ago while riding her bike.

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