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a genuine question from a dumb English girl about the U.S?

i want to go on holiday to the U.S and i want to go somewhere extremely 'southern'. Like i want it to be somewhere that isn't extremely touristy and where genuine cowboys live lmao, where would you recommend? Like where is considered the most 'southern' place to visit? this question sounds so dumb but i'm really intrigued...

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  • 5 months ago

    Probably Arkansas, Because it's quite cowboyish, and nobody goes there. If you want southern; Alabama or Mississippi. (none of these states are tourist traps at all.)

  • Will B
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    9 months ago

    All these answers and not one person has mentioned the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, located in Oklahoma City Oklahoma

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    9 months ago

    Cowboys aren't southern, so try a western state like Montana or Wyoming.

  • 9 months ago

    There are some very nice ranches in Wyoming where guests can ride horses and participate in other activities of the Old West. Go in the summer.

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  • 9 months ago

    Try Canada instead. We've got cowboys here too, and your money will probably go further since the Canadian dollar is worth less than the US dollar.

    You can visit working ranches.

    You can go to the Calgary Stampede, one of the biggest rodeo events in North America. Lots of cowboys there.

  • 9 months ago

    Other answers are correct that cowboys were in the western USA. There were cattle drives to get cows from the southwest to markets in the north & east instead of sending the cows by road or rail like today. Cattle drives mostly ended about a hundred years ago.

    Any activity that involves a cattle drive today is part of the tourism industry.

    Note that none of the ranches listed in the above link are in Texas.

    Another answer is also correct about distances. For example, if I drive northwest from New Orleans, LA the same distance as London to Edinburgh (400 miles/640 km) I will barely get out of Louisiana, which is a medium size state.

    Regarding "southern", first realize nearly all of the southern half of the USA is brutally hot or hot + humid during the summer. However, late October to late April usually has very nice weather.

    If you want to visit a place where there really are (some) people who sound like the characters in the film "Gone With the Wind" then try Savannah, Georgia.

    USA tourism website:

    UK citizens need to register for ESTA to visit the USA as a tourist:

    Check with your medical insurance to find out if it covers you in the USA plus covers medical transportation to home if needed. If no or not sure than get trip medical insurance, which is cheap and sold by airlines and travel agencies. Please don't skimp on this as a silly accident can turn into a financial crisis if you don't have insurance.

    I hope you have a great trip, wherever you decide to go!

  • 9 months ago

    you could try florida, its warm there

  • 9 months ago

    "Cowboys" are not southern! That is "western".

    While ranches and open range still exist, cowboys as seen in the movies are pretty rare. Consider visiting New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada or Wyoming.

    But be advised there is a whole lot of nothing out there.

    White Sands National Monument area is a good place full of the old west (Lincoln County wars area). Billy the kid is part of the history there.

    Dodge City Kansas is a bit off the well traveled path, a bit of a tourist town, but not over done. It is right in the middle of a lot of "feed lots" so the aroma kind of suffers. It has wild west days "Dodge City Days" which I believe includes historic re-enactments.

  • Sharon
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    9 months ago

    cowboys are western or southwest, not southern. Southern is cotton plantations; or today NASA facilities and Disneyland. For cowboys try Dodge City or Fort Worth (Texas), actually just outside the cities. For classic southern I like Baton Rouge (Louisiana) or the panhandle and gulf coast of Florida or Alabama.

    Warning: In my experience few Brits appreciate the distances in the USA. Texas alone is about four times the size of the entire British Isles.

  • Daniel
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    9 months ago

    Generally "southern" refers to the southeast (generally, the parts that formed the Confederacy in the Civil War)

    Cowboys are generally associated with the west.

    Texas is about the only place those two things overlap.  

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