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If light is the fastest thing, what about information? I think a computer on the other side of the world can receive an email faster?


I mean data

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    light (in a vacuum) is the fastest thing we have found so far. there are theoretical particles that are faster but have not been found. Data is MUCH slower than light. It takes a minimum of 1 second for an email to travel around the world if it was a small email. light can travel around the world more than 8 times in 1 second ....

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    Data is not physical and needs a medium to be moved.  Such as light, RF, etc.

  • Who
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    1 month ago

    so you got some info - how you gonna get it from 1 place to another?

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    hate to break it to you, but your internet travels over fiber optic connection, which is (guess what?) light travel.

    • daniel g
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      Yea, but fiber also has propagation delay.

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    Actually the fastest is fiber optic and has propagation delay like .6

    so closer to half the speed of light

  • Dick
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    If you were able to send that email at light speed you'd be correct. But that is not possible since the way we send signals doesn't have the capability to send a "curved signal" that would wrap itself around the curvature of the world. So at some distance your signal will simply go off in a straight line into space unless it is reflected/diverted in another direction. In today's world we use antennas that pick up a signal and broadcast it to the next in line and eventually it will get around the world. The other method is to use a satellite to rebroadcast it over a greater distance than an antenna or to reflect it depending on the type of signal we are broadcasting. So light speed, is the ultimate that we know of and although electricity in theory travels at light speed also, it's conductor (wiring/cables) slows it down because of the inherent resistance. Just keep in mind that the moment you introduce any sort of hardware you've slowed the signal down because we do not, at this time, have the technology to overcome their inherent resistances and/or delays that are naturally in them.

  • Mike G
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    Information is slower, not faster than light. It takes time to process information, and the data is not moving in a vacuum, but mostly copper. Any medium other than a vacuum is slower.

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    Not yet. Emails move slower than the traditional speed-of-light-in-vacuum.

    Maybe in the future information can move through quantum entanglement. Maybe.

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