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Am I rude?

So, my school recently just started last month and uh there's a new boy in my class named Jayden. Now Jayden isn't like the other kids, he throws is hands in the air he roars (unusual sounds) and he also chews on his stuff.  And when we were in P.E today  someone tapped him and he exaggerated that he apparently feel. Everybody thinks he has autism but I'm not quite sure what's wrong with him.

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    lol Jayden just looking for attention,maybe he has trouble making friends or he has troubles Home try to talk to him to see what the trouble is.....its all up to you how you feel about it.

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    If he's different, just tolerate him and don't be unkind. Some people have issues which they can't control.

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    I believe yes he does have autism, or some other disability maybe OCD or anxiety. You could try asking him, or if he is not very verbal you could try asking his parent. Be nice to him either way, he might be different and act younger than his age, other kids might talk about him, but it's probably hard for him to have friends, and his mom would appreciate knowing another kid accepts him.

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    So this boy Jayden is autism I guess.

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  • 2 months ago

    He does sound autistic but I don't know what that has to do with you being rude?

  • 2 months ago

    Quite, yes. But you know that, seeing as how you troll this imaginary scenario every few weeks at least.

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    Totally RUDE! I might change my answer if you tell me how old you are...


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    2 months ago

    he might have autism, i would ask your teacher about him

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