What's' a good lie to tell your co workers ?

So at work we are having some murder mystery game for Halloween and my supervisor had to assign us characters well out of all the characters I had to be Elvis I'm not comfortable being Elvis because of my own opinion that I rather not say so I need a lie to tell my coworkers a lie as to way I didn't dress up as him I mean I'm getting a costume but it's not Elvis what would you guys do ?

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  • Linda
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    1 year ago
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    If you didn't want to be elvis, you should have told your boss. You probably won't be fired, but your boss may not understand. Just say all of the Elvis costumes were sold out.

  • Robert
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    1 year ago

    Why not just be a man. You know what a man is right? Look at a few 1950s movies before Hollywood was infested with toxic feminism and you'll see a man was strong, honest and independent, knew he was a man and never wanted to be the other gender. He also stood for his beliefs and if he didn't want to dress up and play games for halloween, he would simply say no. So simply say no. I come to work to do my job, perform my service and receive pay for those tasks, not to play games. Then stick to that. If the employer has to let a so called man use the women's bathroom because the man thinks he should be a girl, they probably would be unprepared to go to court to say they forced you to play dress up and become Elvis. Our society is so screwed up you can pretty much be what you want to be, so we have to assume you can not be forced to be something you feel you are not. You feel you are not Elvis. See how this works? Just say no. Or if you are not strong enough to say no, baffle them with BS. But in either case stand your ground

  • 1 year ago

    Tell your boss that you were touched as a kid by a man dressed up in an Elvis costume

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