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Is it wrong I laughed when my roomates Dachshund killed a pigeon?

So I notice there's a pigeon in my yard, I call my father up and tell him because in the two years I lived here I've never seen one in our yard, he says "let the dog out, he'll scare it away" so I let our roomates little dashund out and he goes and checks the pigeon out, staring at the pigeon for 2 seconds, pigeon doesn't move, and the dog grabs the pigeon! pigeon gets free for a second and im trying to seperate the two, then the dog runs under the deck with the pigeon in his mouth (and I never thought this dog could harm anything), im explaining this all to my father and then the dog comes out a minute later and drops the dead pigeon, I was already kinda luaghing out of shock about everything that happenned, and also my father was pretty serious on the other line trying to figure out whats going on, I couldnt stop laughing and had to end the call and phoned him back ten minutes later, is this funny or not?

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  • audrey
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    9 months ago

    Killing needlessly is NEVER funny.

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