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What to do in this situation?

There is this person who is in a facebook group that I have been on for 4 years. I just knew him a few months ago and he must be new there. He added me on facebook a few days ago then I added him back. Then he greeted me and asked me some questions. Is this person interested in me or just friendly? Because his questions were getting to know me like what I do and so on. And if he is flirting with me, should I take this chance? I can be friendly to him if his only intention is wanting to be friends with me.

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    Please avoid strangers on the internet.. Even though he might appear friendly but you don't know his real intentions. So it's better to not take any chances 

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    10 months ago

    I correspond with people around the globe [via e-mail] and I use getting to know you questions to see if it is worth keeping the convo going. It may just be him doing that?

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