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Do you think Rachel McKinnon is just a total troll trying belittle the leftist movement by competing in women's sports?


I couldn't imagine anyone, especially a philosophy of language professor at a university, being that STUPID to actually think his actions are acceptable.

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    10 months ago

    No I don't. Anyone familiar with the science know trans people don't have any advantage in sports. The International Olympic Committee studied this issue for years before announcing in early in 2004 that transgender people would be allowed to compete. Since then there has been 8 Olympic Games, guess how many medals trans athletes have won? The answer would be ZERO. In fact, not a single trans athlete has even qualified to compete in the Games. Transgender people have been medically transitioning for about 75 years. In all that time I can only name 4 trans people that won any kind of championship; so much for having a competitive advantage. Rachel is a very rare trans person to be a winner.

    edit: Your comment makes no sense.

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