How does power delivery charging behave as compared to Samsung adaptive fast charging for galaxy s10?

I have a few questions that I am unable to find answers for online. 

I understand adaptive fast charging has 2 stages starting at 9v 1.67 amps then are 50% switches to slightly lower speed of 5v 2amps to prolong battery life. 

I also understand that a lot of people including me use afterparty car charger or powerbank that offer power delivery and not adaptive charging.

I know that pd has different profiles and that the devices communicate. 

My questions are if I plug my galaxy s10 into a power delivery charger what voltage/amperage will it charge at? Does it have stages like adaptive charging? Is this a less preferred method of charging, that could be detrimental to battery life? Or is it 100% supported 

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    In my experience the only thing that matters is that once it is full you should unplug it and the less time on the charger the better.  After 13 years with a cell phone company the phone batteries that die quickly and have other issues are the ones left on the charger.  The adaptive charging is a nice feature but unless you aren’t paying attention to the charge can be pointless.  I would rather fast charge all the way to 100% and take it off the charger after 10 min than wait 15 min for adaptive charging.

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