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How can one respond to an art professor who seems to look down on and talk down to you ?

Such as a professor who pulled you aside to tell you, basically, to not be lazy and just throw soemthing together for your next art project.

Seems like other students manage to make elaborate or impressive art works and so now she thinks it's appropriate to take you aside and tell you (with an arrogant/looking down on you facial expression as if she's laughing at you inside) that she expects your project to be junk.

The thing is, maybe I'm just reading into it or maybe not but I really was hurt by her facial expressions and her words today. I have enough going on with lots of work and schoolwork and narcissist parent abusing me, I run low on sleep and am tired during the day and she thinks it's acceptable to take her nasty facial expressions to me. More or less, I can pick up on a facial expression and a vibe and I'm not a dumba s s. I basically think I can maybe read people VERY easily, in a few seconds, you don't even have to utter a word. You could say flattering things but if your face is looking down on me... It's wraps.

It's enough I deal with bullying from my narcissist mother almost daily, but to put my heart into an art work for school and get told by her face and language that it's lazy and not as impressive as others'? I ddidnt ask for that attitude. The professor should remember that she gets paid because students help put money in her pocket. And I have my own artistic way of doing art... just because you don't get it or think I'm lazy...Screw off.


If she wants me to do something more elaborate, maybe she should take the time to teach the class some skills. Instead she puts up a few slides of ugly modern art some hacls made (aka: not inspiring at all...) And expects us to randomly think up brilliant ideas on our own.

If it's not up to standard, SAY AND SHOW the students what you want. Instead of being an arrogant person. How about you show us your art and let us critique it.

Update 2:

Nothing inspiring about being an arrogant woman expecting students to read your mind and then talking down to them when they don't measure up.

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    Say MAGA 2020!!!

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    One of the tasks of a teacher is to inspire a student to try to do better. If you try your best and cannot satisfy yourself or your teacher, you should consider an alternative course of study.

    Source(s): Was a college classes instructor for years.
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    As a computer engineer, my opinion of the liberal arts are... Not exactly respectful.

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      Yeah, well we feel the same way about computer engineers. Every time the computer "helps" us by doing something strange.

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