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picking up girls.... at a community college?

so after going through like 5 ******* jobs, i finally have something that's going to be secure, so that's something. 

but, i never had a girlfriend or any social life (thank you homeschooling) and i don't have any opportunity at work obviously, as there's no attractive women or any my age. so i figure i would just go to a CC for the hell of it just to pick up women (i know it may sound dumb but im desperate) life is just too boring for me right now to keep coming back to work everyday and i am kinda lonely.

i have had offers before but all of the girls were ugly (1 was so hideous) and way out of my league and not in my taste.

but still on a note: i do still plan on doing something in college. wanna go for culinary, something with less math cause it's my least favorite. owens community college in perrysburg ohio is what im planning on attending. if that helps a bit.

2 Answers

  • 7 months ago

    Get a tinder it’s cheaper and probably more effective

    • Mark7 months agoReport

      tried it out, all average on there too. atleast in my area of toledo.

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  • 7 months ago

    Gee, you sound like a real prize. *eye roll*

    Those women dodged a bullet with your judgmental a**.

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    • Mark7 months agoReport

      don't know what you really mean by judgemental though, i can't force myself to like ugly people.

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