What is the pressure in inside haidralic tank?

Imagine 2 same size of closed haydraulic  tank, no. 1tank, piston dia is 50 cm and 500 kg of dead load pushing down and tank no. 2 piston dia is100cm and 500 kg dead load pushing down. Here evey thing is same accept piston dia is different, now my question is in this different piston dia size what is the different pressure shown in pressure gauge? Or els same pressure in both tank?

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    10 months ago
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    The pressure will be Force/Area in each chamber.

    Area of a circle is π * r^2.

    Armed with this information you can figure out the pressure differential.

    If you want your answer in bars: P(in bars) = kgf/cm^2 * 0.98067

    BTW, "haidralic" is spelled "hydraulic".

    This exercise shows why steam piston diameters are large - a small amount of pressure can generate a large amount of force.

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