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HH is a 68 yo M who has been admitted to the medical ward with community-acquired pneumonia for the past 3 days. His PMH is significant for COPD, HTN, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes. He remains on empiric antibiotics, which include ceftriaxone 1 g IV qday (day 3) and azithromycin 500 mg IV qday (day 3). Since admission, his clinical status has improved, with decreased oxygen requirements. He is not tolerating a diet at this time with complaints of nausea and vomiting. explain the type of treatment regimen you would recommend for treating your patient, including the choice or pharmacotherapeutics you would recommend and explain why.

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    He needs huge doses of IV narcotics and a physical therapy consult. A private room would also be nice.

  • Mike
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    11 months ago

    So you are asking total strangers with no proven credentials in medicine to provide you with information.

    Even if you get some legitimate-sounding answers, you will still have to figure out for yourself what to do.

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    What do the lab tests indicate for his electrolytes?

    If blood work is good, then I would correct the complaints or nausea and vomiting with enuretics and proceed with a liquid diet and IV support until his nausea and vomiting are resolved.

    I cannot recommend medications by name because I do not have his chart.

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    I recommend seeing a doctor, not asking random strangers in the worst Q&A site on the internet.

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