What are some Spanish verbs that have rr in them?

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    8 months ago
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    correr (to run)

    cerrar (to close/shut)

    encerrar (to lock up)

    borrar (to delete/erase)

    barrer (to sweep)

    corregir (to correct)

    arreglar (to repair)

    arrojar (to throw)

    arruinar (to ruin)

    aterrar/aterrorizar (to terrify) 

    aterrizar (to land)

    berrear (to bellow, to howl)

    agarrar (to grab, to grip, to grasp)

    aferrar (to hang on)

    amarrar (to tie up)

    arriesgar (to risk)

    derramar (to pour)

    derretir (to melt)

    derrochar (to waste)

    chorrear (to drip, to leak)

    narrar (to narrate)

    ocurrir (to occur)

    recorrer (to travel around, to cover)

    recurrir (to turn to, to resort to; to appeal against) 

    derrotar (to defeat)

    derrocar (to overthrow)

    erradicar (to eradicate)

    desarrollar (to develop)

    desterrar (to banish)

    enterrar (to bury)

    desenterrar (to disinter, to unearth)

    aporrear (to beat)

    zurrar (to wallop, to hit, to beat)

    arremeter (to rush forward)  

    socorrer (to assist, to help)

    forrar (to line)

    errar (to err, to miss, to fail, to wander)

    herrar (to shoe a horse, to brand cattle)

    irradiar (to irradiate)

    guerrear (to make war, to fight) 

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