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Mandy Smith the famous 1980s singer, why did she disappear when the 1980s were over? ?

Back in the 1980 Mandy Smith was a growing figure in America and other countries as well. Then the 1990s came and she vanished from tv. 

Back in the time frame she was active, she was even mimicked in cartoons. She was a symbol for all sexy women in cartoons. 

Why did she grow so high and then the 1990s came and she got wiped out from all the media. 

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    She got caught up in a lifestyle she came to believe wasn't right for her and she withdrew from it, distanced herself from it. She was only 13 when she began a relationship with Bill Wyman, longtime and now-former bass player for the Rolling Stones. She married and divorced him, was married and divorced a second time. She now lives quietly in England and writes for a Christian magazine.

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    Smith is currently a resident of Manchester where she has now become a teetotaller and vegan. Smith was raised as a Catholic and, in recent years, has returned to the church.

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