MUFC - clinging onto past glories, the history and grandeur but then reality kicks in and you realise they're just not great any more ?

Manchester United are a sinking ship.

i'm not saying this, Utd fans are.

they're saying unless new owners take over and the club starts all over, United are in big danger of going into terminal decline.

The club has a side that can guarantee and secure them mid table status and an odd peak at the top 6 window.

top 4 would be their new premier league trophy and qualifying for CL would be their new CL trophy.

If this is the standards MUFC aspire to, then they will languish in mid table in the upcoming years to come - this is fact, and its true and its happening in the league this very moment incase you're all watching a different league lol

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  • Football as i keep repeating is very very fickle, while i wouldn't disagree with just about everying you are saying, they did hold us to a draw, so either that's a warning to us, or maybe we need to be carefull on assessing how far down the drain they've actually fell..., 1 things for sure we have to fight for every point, and ignore the league situation if we want to keep the situation....


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  • August
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    9 months ago

    I thought you were talking about Leeds United for a minute. Very similar situation but we haven't got any money to throw away and we have 4 players on loan from other clubs that are doing well, with the Arsenal lad Nketia scoring again v Preston NE (1 - 1)

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