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Hey yall!! Why do white people not like to part their hair anymore?

It was done in the last century, and looked REALLY good on men and small children. A straight part looks very clean and pristine IMO. Im really confused as to why mama is just sloppily grabbing her daughter's easy to manage straight hair, and putting in 2 sloppy uneven pig tails, when a simple strait part would get them and their daughter compliments all day. This is a REAL question. 

My fav show is still "always sunny in Philadelphia." In one episode, dennis cracks on a braided dee because he can see her scalp. It was funny AF(because thats just ASF's default. It did get me curious as to white people dont like to part their hair.  

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    i like to part my hair but it naturally parts on the side so its hard to make it part in the middle.

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    Lose the "Hey yall".... We are not your friends. Different cultures, societies and

    time fashions come and go. Also, putting a part in for too long causes hair loss along the part.

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    That's your opinion, so you are entitled to feel however you wish about your own hair. In man y peoples minds, straight parts are boring, and a thing of the past. There are at least a thousand different ways to style hair, so people can choose what looks good on them. You can stick with your antiquated ideology if it works for you...but, IMO center parts fizzled out in the late 1980's.

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    1 month ago

    Troll, you need to open your front door and step outside. But, first take a shower, you haven't washed in two months!

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