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Homework help- Math?

Anthrax spores, which were inhaled by postal workers, causing severe illness and death, are no larger than 5 microns in diameter. If a standard postal envelope is 3.5 inches by 5 inches, how many spores could be on a standard envelope? (Note: a micron is the same as a micrometer)

I don t even know where to begin

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    convert inches to cm - m - micrometers

    3.5in X 2.54cm/in X 1m/100cm X 10^6 micrometers/m = 88900microns

    each spore has diameter 5 microns ... 88900/5 = 17780 spores along the width of the envelope


    similarly the length of 5 in becomes 25400 spores

    total on one side of the envelope = 25400 X 177800 = ??

    total on BOTH sides = 2 X 25400 X 177800

    = 903,224,000 spores.

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    You need to convert micrometers to inches. There are 25,400 micrometers in 1 inch. Then you can calculate it.

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