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If I’ve tested positive for THC and have an upcoming neck/back surgery will they still give pain meds after the surgery? ?

I have an upcoming neck/back surgery. I had to take a pregnancy test to get my depo shot while at my primary care dr appointment. They also prescribed me tramadol to take on bad days until the surgery. I received a phone call this morning stating that they will never ever be able to prescribe me an opioid again because of the THC in my urine. I didn’t even know they were testing me, or I would’ve told them. This includes my meds that I take to fly and any sort of anxiety medications. Which I no longer take. My concern is when I have my neck surgery will they prescribe me medications to take for the pain?! A spine surgeon is doing the surgery. But it is through the same healthy system in IL. I’m already terrified of the pain I am going to feel when I have this surgery. Which is needed regardless. I’ve had several surgeries over the years and never had an issue with this. To notate. I used to smoke frequently. I do not anymore. I was in California and got some edibles to try which is why I failed. I explained this to my PCP today while talking to them. 

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