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Can-am Spyder F3 dimensions?

I am interested in buying a can-am f3 but want to make sure it will fit in my garage WITH my car . I am aware of the dimensions listed on the BRP website, but I need something more detailed . I see the width is 58.9 inches at the widest point, but what is the width after the front wheels are cleared? (Not including add ons like saddle bags) I see the length is 104 inches, but what is the length after the front wheels are cleared? What is the width at the back? Thank you in advance for your relevant measurements!

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  • don r
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    3 weeks ago

    ............get familiar with a measuring tape. Just like a cat, if the whiskers go through, the rest will too.

    • Brett3 weeks agoReport

      Could you point me in the direction of a site where people ask questions they don’t know and answer questions they do

  • 3 weeks ago

    Hmmmmmmmm NOPE AND NOPE!

  • Scott
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    3 weeks ago

    I suggest you join a Can Am Spyder group. There you will have access to a lot of owners of these pathetic machines and I'm sure someone will help you with the dimensions you need.

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