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What does a golf handicap mean?

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    A golf handicap is a number given to a golfer based on averaging his scores (usually after 10 rounds) with the golf courses rating of difficulty with 0 being the best and 36 the worse..handicaps are used in amatuer tournaments to make the playing field even and gives every player a chance to compete fairly .

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  • It refers to your handicap index, which, in theory, means that any two players of differing abilities (who have valid handicaps) could play a competitive match.

    The index is (currently) based on your best 10 rounds from your last 20 played and calculates an index base on the course rating and slope (think of it as degree of difficulty; i.e. a public muni/city run course is going to be easier than a course used under tournament conditions for the pros).

    The max handicap for men is 36 (worst player); scratch is 0, touring pros have plus handicaps that range from +5 to +10 which would be 41-46 strokes worse than your hacker with a 36 index.

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    It is roughly 80% of the average score that you are over par.. So you if you average 10 over par, your handicap would be roughly 8 strokes. So if you shot an 82 on a part 72 course, you would subtract 8 strokes to get your handicapped score.

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    Means disadvantaged at golf.

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    It is for players of lesser ability. You start with a minus number of strokes, depending on your level. The idea is to make it more competitive, when playing against better players.

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