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Why is my man so distant?

I know there’s so many of these questions with girls insecurities but i can’t help it me and my man have kind of a weird relationship we’ve never really stated we are in one to each other n we’ve let everyone else kinda decide for themselves what they think we are but I’ve met his parents and he’s met mine and they all think we are dating we also live together and we use to have sex all the time he works in the morning and I work at night and when I used to come home we’d be all over each other but what if I have been too much, too touchy do guys get sick of it? I can’t help myself. Now I get home n he’s already about to pass out n it’s just so sad he hugs me when I walk in but he doesn’t talk to me about anything important ever i feel like something’s off I feel like he doesn’t need me at all. he likes so many pictures of other famous Instagram girls (only the half or almost completely nude ones) and I know I’m not suppose to care about that and belittle myself but I can’t help thinking he’d rather be with those girls than with me what can I do to be less sad. 

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  • Luke
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    10 months ago

    Because he wants to be left alone

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