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Is re-gripping a golf club something that a beginner can do or would I need to have it taken to a pro shop?

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    yes you can do it and keep practicing.   BUT the costs of getting the tools and supplies is more expensive than asking a clubfitter to do it.  Tools and supplies at least, $100... (you need a regripping bench, grip tape, solvent).  Asking a clubfitter is only $3 per grip.   Unless you regrip 20 times a year, it is not worth the cost. 

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    If you don't have the time to fiddle around with things, then the latter is a recommended solution, but if you do, you can also do it yourself. You just need a few things like new grips, double-sided tape, Mineral Spirits Grip Solvent, a sharp knife, and a cloth.

    You can find the step-by-step instruction on how to re-grip golf clubs as well as link to a video tutorial demonstrating the process on the source provided.

  • You "could" do it; personally I have them done (the folks at the local golf shop charge a few bucks on top of the cost of the grips; only takes them 20-30 minutes to redo a set of irons; it would take me a few hours). There are numerous videos on YouTube on how to do it and what tools you'll need. For me it's a convenience factor, but if you have the time (and the tools) it's not rocket science.

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    It can be done at home. Here's a video on how.

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