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I need to compose a statement that will release the 2nd person on my car title from liability in my uninsured accident (Oregon)?

Yes, I was at fault in an uninsured wreck. Now the collections for insurance. Co want to hold me & the other on my title responsible for money owed them. I understand, they have the right to do that. However I am the one, not the 2nd person. It was MY car, I was Driving. We shared no cars, no ins policy, I didn't owe them money. The ins. the maintenance & upkeep all belonged to me. The only problem here is that I am on a fixed income( Disability) and have no assets to go after. The 2nd on my title is an elderly person , who has been in & out of the hospital with life-threatening  illnesses this yr. They are not in any position financially to assume my debt. It would likely destroy the family's thin resource's. Thely reason he was on my title is bcz here, (Oregon) if u put a name on your registration they will go on the title too. This was not explained to me at DMV in a clear manner or I would NOT have put them on my registration. I would appreciate any advice on how  to persuade the collections co tihat I am the liable party & I intend to fully comply to a payment schedule with them until the debt clears. I can't make a big down payment but  I intend to pay monthly payments of more than they initially asked for. If I send them a letter that states all this , have it notorized & signed by both, shouldn't that be enough to get them off his tail & accept my willingness to cooperate?? . Any advice?

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    You can't. By being on the title they have accepted liablity for whatever happens with that car.

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    I don't think you can do that. It wasn't just your car. It was also their car. Putting someone on the title makes it their car.

    Also, it is somewhat their responsibility, because every owner, and that includes anyone on the title, is supposed to make sure that no one drives the car uninsured.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You need a lawyer.🎃

  • Scott
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    3 weeks ago

    I doubt you can do that. This second owner on the title is jointly responsible for damages done to the car. You can't protect them by releasing them of liability. (you can't stuff the genie back in the bottle) They are financially liable, the same as you. By the way, nice thing to do to the second owner by driving without insurance.

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  • May
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    3 weeks ago

    You need a lawyer but I doubt very much that you can now "Undo who was liable" (make your co-title holder not liable).

    "Thely reason he was on my title is bcz here, (Oregon) if u put a name on your registration they will go on the title too"

    I see no need, no advantage to put anyone else on your license plate registration. Why did you do that?

    Registration is just a fancy term for license plates

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