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What do I call my solo music project?

I was recently informed by someone that I should my solo project. And not to name it something generic or like my solo project or the solo band project. I want it to be named something that has meaning is catchy to say. Something that's catchy as the band Memphis May Fire and something that's easy to roll off the tongue to say. I wanted to be dealing with seasons, love, and change. Please give me an answer and I will greatly appreciate it

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  • Andrew
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    9 months ago

    Call it "Silence", because no one will ever listen to it.

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    • Andrew
      Lv 7
      9 months agoReport

      Bryan's just a bit ill-tempered because no one's ever touched his wee little willy. It's all right, fella. I forgive ye. Off you go then, release yer rage and try to forget that you're a lonely and miserable little messer who an inmate in a North Korean concentration camp wouldn't trade places with

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