Where do atheism and Christianity agree and disagree on views of the origin of the universe?


I am in need of any articles or website that are unbiased. 

Update 2:

I am asking this question because I need help on writing a paper I am just asking if anyone has a good article that I could read. 

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  • David
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    4 weeks ago

    You're assuming two opposing views agree on something? Tell you what, you are so adept at fallacies, I challenge you to give just one argument asserting atheism as a truth that does not rely on one or more logical fallacies. Just one! If you cannot support the proposition of atheism as being true without the use of logical fallacies how are you not delusional to assert atheism as a truth? If you are a typical atheist you would not know a logical argument if it urinated on your shoes.

    Atheism does not have a position; on anything. Atheism is a lie.

    The burden of proof is not on me to disprove your claims, it is on you to prove your claims.. You deny God, yet you also deny any burden to disprove God.. How is it that you don't understand that your affirmative claims Darwinism, Big Bang have the same burden? Would you accept anything less empirical evidence (actual observation) for God? If not then why do you expect me to believe when you cannot provide evidence for your own claims? Best to be vague when your belief, position and premise are self-refuting.

    Thanks to Darwin, atheism became tenable again after a thousand year sleep. But just because you’ve rejected some supernatural beliefs doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to hold on to the ones you still fancy. We must always be on guard against confirmation bias, wishful thinking, and all the other human mental maladies that protect our beliefs from critique.

    Just another aspect of [New Age] culture’s disavowal of the intellect; If reason doesn’t give an answer, just imagine other ways of understanding reality; plays right into the hand of the atheist.

    What does Satan's atheist/humanist evolution say about origins? It doesn't, it has no beginning, nothing at all positive to offer. The devil only comes to steal, kill and destroy, confuse, obfuscate, create chaos, run us all around in circles around OPINION. This is NOT how real science works. And yet they assert the myth of billions of years as fact? Why do I need billions of years again? Only atheists do, so they can play pretend science.

    What does the atheist pseudo-science (or any science) say about the origin of life and the universe? They don't have a clue.

    What does the atheist/evolutionist scientist say about time? In the end, evolutionists have an an arbitrary (not absolute) OPINION about millions/billions of years, not a time machine that measures time. Does anyone else have a clue how many DOZEN ASSUMPTIONS were made to reach the conclusion of Old Age Earth? Does anyone else have a clue what their evidence is? None, it was ASSUMED so evolution could be possible. Ta, da, thanks for playing. Nobody else needs billions of years but creepy atheist/evolutionist/humanists. Literally billions of different OPINIONS, but no facts. Evolution is ASSUMED to be fact. Ask for a single fact; there are none.

    What does history say about the beginning of time or the human race? Anything before recorded history (about 2300 BC) is speculative and uses unproven assumptions to come up with dates. And some people talk about millions of years like it was yesterday, and ignore the only valid answer for the origin of life from the Bible. Some think Genesis is metaphor or allegory or poetry; another lie to discredit the Bible and divide Christianity.

    We've always had the evidence of God from Creation and the Bible, from Noah and Moses, and from our risen Christ Jesus. Most of us own a Bible and have the evidence within reach, but simply refuse to acknowledge what constitutes valid evidence. We didn't even have to dig up the Bible, unchanging, right before us, for thousands of years.

    If you were to use a “science-only” position, it ignores other well-respected systems for obtaining knowledge. For example, the legal/historical method of discovering truth is used every day.

    The legal method does not ignore testimony or facts because they are not reproducible or testable. By a process of elimination and corroboration, the legal method allows history and testimony to speak for itself until a verdict is reached beyond a reasonable doubt, and the balance of probability is achieved.

    The atheists who forward the notion that God vs. Evolution is a valid dichotomy are obviously confused. God is an ontological entity, evolution is a natural process, and they are not even in the same category, akin to asking do you believe in yellow or poetry.

    The Bible is the only valid explanation for the origin of life and the universe with evidence, and it says Adam was created about 6000 years ago according to the genealogies given.

    Genetic Law (Mendelian Genetics) demonstrates that each breathing creature be created according to their own kind, coinciding with the Genesis creation account-- it is observable both in nature and the lab, and is reproducible (Empirical science)!

    Alternatively, Evolutionists believe that life (at least once) spontaneously formed from nonliving chemicals. But this is inconsistent with the natural law of biogenesis. Real science confirms the Bible. We cannot agree with the atheist/evolutionist that primordial slime can yield intelligent life when time and chance are added. Better to believe in a supernatural designer, which has good analogical support.

    Eight Evidences for a Young Earth (outside the Bible)


    Five Evidences of Noah’s Flood


    A dozen evidences against evolution


  • Mintee
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    4 weeks ago

    according to Islam... there is the big bang fact.. not a theory, but a fact.. the universe was one tiny unit, and God caused it to blast apart, therefore creating the universe that is also ever growing and expanding

  • 4 weeks ago

    Atheism has nothing to say on the origin of the universe. If you don't understand a word, look it up.

  • Tony B
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    4 weeks ago

    “Atheism” is simply a lack of belief in “God”. It has no theories or “views“ regarding the origin of the universe - that would be science. You are going to struggle to write a paper on the subject. You'd do better to compare and contrast the creationist view and the scientific view. Really - atheism doesn't come into it.

    I'm an atheist and have no idea how the universe originated nor, truth to tell, am I especially interested because I lack the knowledge, understanding and probably intelligence to understand complex scientific explanations.

    One thing that is obvious is that the universe was not created magically, from nothing, by an imaginary being in six days. That's something that is accepted by most Christians that I know of (in the UK).

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    All of them.

    Atheeve-eoes claim everything came from nothing, by accident, for no reason, with no cause, no purpose, and no meaning. 

    They answer... NOTHING.

    True intelligent people (True Christians) have actual answers and proof.

    God made it all by the power of God Thoughts.

    You're now educated. 

    You're welcome. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    There is no atheist position on the origin of the Universe. The only thing ALL atheists say is "I don't believe in any gods". Anything else is purely personal right down to where it all comes from.

    There are science geek atheists.

    There are beat poet atheists.

    There are artsy fartsy atheists.

    There are stoner atheists.

    There are ditch digger atheists.

    There are even atheists hiding in Christian churches.

    If you were to ask a poet atheist about the origins of the Universe, his answer will be much different than that of one who's spent the previous 10 years in a University physics laboratory.

    So in essence my answer to you is, if the paper you're writing is self-directed, I would advise carefully choosing who you really want to compare and contrast when it comes to Origins. Maybe who you really want to contrast are "theists and skeptics".

    ps. Some atheists believe in reincarnation. You'll find these atheists among the ones in Buddhism.

  • Quay
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    4 weeks ago

    Your question assumes both atheists and Christians each have collective viewpoints. Many of them differ substantially. I knew a guy in high school who was atheist in every sense of the word, didn't believe in a god or any form of supernatural power, but was convinced the earth was flat and space wasn't real.

    The Christian holy book says Earth is 6,000 years old but even some of the hardcore Evangelicals have dropped that viewpoint.

    • Derek
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      4 weeks agoReport

      The Christian holy book, the Bible, NOWHERE says that planet earth is only 6,000 years old (as of now - you do know the last part of it was written before the end of the 1st century a.d which would have made it 4,000 years then?) The Bible gives no date for the universe or earth being formed.

  • Jea
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    4 weeks ago

    They don't agree at all.

    Science thinks it came from something, by natural processes.

    Religion insists it was magic.  "Poofed" into existence by a god that had nowhere to be, and nothing to breathe, breathing life into nothing.

    Smart money isn't on religion.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    atheism only addresses a single topic. whether or not you believe a god exists. it has nothing to say about the origin of the universe. and neither do scientists. big bang theory only addresses what happened shortly after the origin of our universe and has nothing to say about the cosmos.

    • EddieJ
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      4 weeks agoReport

      The BB theory only addresses....

      But that doesn't stop scientists from looking into ideas about the actual origin of the universe.

  • 4 weeks ago

    That there was animals on earth before man

    • Derek
      Lv 5
      4 weeks agoReport

      No, Pontus. Your reading skills must be lacking. Chapter 1 is an introductory bit then comes more detailed stuff in chapter 2. But the order is constant - the first man and woman did not appear until after everything else was in place cause Adam had to name the animals before Eve was made.

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