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How to stop craving junk food?

I want to start eating clean but I keep craving junk food. I know people who crave things like vegetables and healthy stuff and someone hasn't been in to a fast food place for 3 years. If I just stop having it will I change? What can I do?

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    It's mainly the high sugar salt cravings in processed foods.switch to having 2 or 3 home cooked meals a week.Cut back on the processed snack foods, ice-cream,chips.It's not food.It also helps if you can get out and exercise for at least half hour each day.Foods like stir fry veggies,Rice noodles,couscous even quiches with vegetables.Eliminate yellow cheeses and eat plain cottage cheese, ricotta,Greek Pot set yoghurt.Mix them with fruits or vegetables in recipes.Blue berries, strawberries, oranges,apples,bananas,gold kiwi fruit, passionfruit and whatever is in season.Keep your meals simple.Also soups are great.Pumpkin,sweet potato, zucchini,red onion, garlic,lots of ginger and herbs parsley, oregano,rocket,beetroot,tomatoes.Start a small garden or on your kitchen window sill.

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    You can't.

    It's addictive on purpose.

  • snafu
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    You’ll going to have to go cold turkey. It’s a habit you need to break. The fact is junk food is designed to make you want more of it. It has an addictive combination of equal parts sugar and fat that gives it its ‘moreish’ quality. Of course you’ll eat more, then you’ll get fat and then end up with diabetes and heart disease. Keep that in mind when next looking at a restaurant menu.

  • mimi
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    When we change our diets, our taste buds quickly adjust. I would suggest slowly changing your habits over the course of a few weeks instead of doing it all at once.

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