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Can Jehovah change the past?

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    Since there is no Jehovah, that's a pointless question. The word was made up by Catholic clergyman Raymundus Martini in the 1200s after he was commissioned to translate the Koine Bible to Latin. The irony: JW's got the name of their group from Catholics. They actually admit this on p. 885 of their Aid to Bible Understanding.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    His name is Yehovah. There is no "J" sound in Hebrew. Yes He can change the past, He is not limited by time as we are.

  • Derek
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    10 months ago

    The God who created everything knew how all of his creation would work out before making anything. He had the plan worked out so that nothing would derail his purposes. He's been putting that plan into effect for thousands of years and has told us what his plans are, so now we know Jesus is key to the future. The Bible was provided by Jehovah to let us know what we need to know to have total confidence in the future he has planned.

    When his plans are perfect, there is no need to go back and re-do anything. We don't see the big picture (as we're not God - only God knows the end from the beginning). But if we read the Bible we would learn that the Almighty God has everything under control as he is Sovereign over all. He's just allowing the needed time to get Satan's mess sorted, once and for all. Trust Jehovah God - belong to him by faith in his Son for Jesus is key to the future.

  • How do you change something that no longer exists?

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  • mimi
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    10 months ago

    This life is only a test for us to choose if we want to follow God. This world and everything happening in it is only temporary. If you belong to Christ, soon the painful events of this life will be gone, never to be remembered.

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