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Quebec is the biggest cesspit in North America, isn't it?

Qubec imports hordes of ugly sh*tskins from the French commonwealth (Algerians, Moroccans, Libyans, and other old French n*gger colonies) not to mention so they can bolster there "French population" and "culture". They'd rather let their women get f*cked by n*gger cock then give up there status of retarded offspring of France. I recently went to Montreal and Quebec City and I saw 10 n*gger for every white. Quebec leaders are basically commies covering as "nationalists" they have some of the highest taxes in Canada witch resulting in huge welfare cities where blacks, arabs, and white trash gather and beg for gibs on every street corner. They have basically excepted f*ggots and trannys, and Quebec holds the most and largest f*ggot parade with Quebec politicians happily attending. Even with all this you see French Canadians acting like hot sh*t because there "based" unlike Anglos.

Not to mention, Quebec also has seen a surge of sp*cs from Mexico and South America as well as wealthy ch*nks who wish to purchase the province.


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    Middle Easterns are cool, but I don't like Negroes.

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    Went up there on a cruise ship and thought it was a very interesting and great place to be. Did not see any of what you speak of. Guess you might be hanging out in the wrong parts of town.

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    What's the question? Why do you care?

    You seem angry lol

  • I hope republicans get the rapings that they so desperately deserve

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