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Will my doctor tell my parents that i’m having suicidal thoughts?

I want to talk to my doctor about being diagnosed with depression, i’ve had it since grade 7, im now 17 in grade 12, i don’t want my parents to know about any of this, if i tell him that i have some suicidal thoughts every now and then, will he tell my parents? (In canada btw for law stuff)

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    Doctors are required by law to tell someone if you are going to kill yourself or others. But self harm and suicidal thoughts are different than suicide itself.

    You are allowed to talk to the doctor without your parents in the room, but they will want to refer you to a therapist, which will most likely require a parent's approval. (This, of course, depends on where in Canada you live.) But obviously, your parents will need to know that you are seeking help because they will be paying the bills.

    You can ask your doctor not to tell them anything too specific, even lie to their faces/give them a completely different reason for therapy. If they're worth their degree, they'll help you out as much as possible. (or hold out until 18- BUT PLEASE only do this if you are in a dangerous situation.)

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    I hope so. Then maybe you will stop posting about it here.

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    Only if you give consent (i think)

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