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Is it too late for him to find someone?

is it too late for a 30 year old fat ugly autistic man to find someone? he doesnt have a life and he just lays around in bed all day with nothing to do, just eatting junkfood all day and getting fatter. he has no modavasion to get exersize or go outsde cause hes too ugly to be seen in publick. he has zero social skills and doesnt even know how to talk to girls. i no its not always just about looks but he dosnt have a good personality or really anything at all to offer and he dont have the looks eithret cause when a girl see him they just go ewwww he so ugly!! is to late for him to find some one? is he just gomna die alone?

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    What is modavasion? I guess it is a troll word. Please ask another troll in person, not here... We are tired of your stupid questions!

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    No.  God loves you and can help you.  Read the Gospel of John and then Romans in the  New Testament.  Find a Bible-believing church to attend, like Baptist.  Maybe you will find a nice young lady there  to marry.  Jesus came into my life many years ago when I asked Him to be my Savior and Lord and He is a faithful friend.  I recommend Him to you.  Pray. 

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