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Help with besfriend??????

My name is Luke and im 23,  i have a bestfriend named Sandra who's 29.    We have been besfriends for the paat 3 years,  but everytime im dating someone she always tells me that person isn't a good fit for me.  She's over protective over me,   and treats me like her little brother.   

Im not saying its a bad thing because shes watching out for me....but its making my love life all messed up.    Currently im dating this girl who im crazy about.    But im scared to tell my bestfriend because i dont want her to mess things up.    At the same time i feel bad for hidding it......can i have advice 

And by the way she's married.  

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  • mokrie
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    9 months ago

    Time to speak up and tell her your old enough to make your own choices and even your own mistakes. You don't tell her how to be married so she shouldn't tell you how to be dating. Your 23 so man up. Stop acting like a "little" brother. Of course start off telling her how much you enjoy your friendship but you need to learn things about life and people on your own.

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      mannnne fax bru i couldnt put it in da smartist words like dis but yo thats reallll dawg mane

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