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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 7 months ago

I like this guy, and he likes me, but I dont feel like I can tell him how I feel because my friends think hes a **** boy. Help?

I like this guy, and I have liked him. When I first started crushing my friends immediently disapproved, because while my friends are shy and not that popular, my crush is. He has lots of female friends, and at first this would really confuse me, and I made sure that I would never let anyone know about how I feel about him while I try to loose feelings. This boy had facetimed me and we've had really deep conversations with each other out of school. In school we tease each other and joke a lot, but I never really flirted with him, even though I flirt with everyone else. He played the flirting game how I did and it stunned me. He was much more open about it and since he had the same tactics I did, I suspected he just flirted with me so I would fall for him. That is until were talking one day about how we both would never date anyone, but then he stops himself and tells me that there is one person he wouldnt mind trying a serious relationship with, and I played dumb and guessed everyone until he told me it was me. And I almost cried cause I've liked him for so long. My friends have never gotten to know him well though, and think hes just a **** boy. I've told my friends about him, some of them are exited for me, and congratulated, but others said I shouldnt do it because they dont know him well and think hes a **** boy, but I dont know. I plan to play it with caution however not having some of my friends support makes me sad and unsure about my decisions. 

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