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How soon is too soon to say ‘I love you’?

Jeez maybe I’m being distant or overreactive or cold or something but I’m almost positive my boyfriend of like two weeks (we’ve been together for longer unofficially, maybe two months) is going to say I love you. And I’m kinda freaking out about it, I’m not sure if I could say it back and mean it, and not sure if he could know he loves me yet! I know I really really like him but is it too soon to say the big L word? Or am I just being crazy?

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    It depends on the relationship. I dated someone for 2 years and never said I loved him. I met my husband, he said, "I love you. We are going to get married some day" and I laughed. I said "I love you" on the second date, and we married 8 weeks to the day we met.

    I never used the word "love" lightly.

    • lila9 months agoReport

      Yeah I’m super worried about just throwing the word out there and then it subsequently losing all meaning

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