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french homework help?

Complete each sentence with the correct form of the verb


Question 1 with 1 blankChristophe 

 (chercher) un dictionnaire.

Question 2 with 1 blankNous 

 (partager) un stylo en cours de chimie.

Question 3 with 1 blankVous 

 (habiter) en face de (across from) l'université.

Question 4 with 1 blankTu 

 (manger) au resto U?

Question 5 with 1 blankElles 

 (aimer) le cours d'économie.

Question 6 with 1 blankVous 

 (donner) des cours de philosophie.

Question 7 with 1 blankNous 

 (rencontrer) Gilles parfois à la bibliothèque.

Question 8 with 1 blankJ'

 (adorer) le professeur de géographie!

Question 9 with 1 blankTu 

 (commencer) le travail (work) demain?

Question 10 with 1 blankLes profs de français 

 (voyager) au Québec.

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  • Tangi
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    10 months ago

    Pontus is right, the purpose of homework is to practice in order to get used to do it you yourself, making it easier the next times.

    If someone else does it for you, you won't learn, and you won't be able to do the next one by yourself so you will need someone else again, etc.

    What you are asking isn't difficult. The verbs here are all regular and all obey the same rules for conjugation. You probably have a table for it with the conjugations for -er verbs in your grammar book, and if you don't, they are easy to find on the internet.

    Just apply the rule to these verbs and you get your answers.

  • Pontus
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    10 months ago

    Just choose to fail French. This a simple activity. Find the subject pronoun (in most cases it's given to you already), and follow the chart.

    ALL the verbs are regular -ER verbs. You're doing the present tense (probably the only tense you've been taught).

    If you can't bother to even try, you deserve to fail.

    Here's the chart, just in case you don't want to fail:

    For -er verbs, in the present tense, remove -er and replace with:

    -e, for JE

    -es for TU

    -e for IL, ELLE, ON

    -ons for NOUS

    -ez for VOUS

    -ent for ILS, ELLES

    It's not going to get easier. Either put in the necessary work, starting now, or accept that you are choosing to fail.

    If someone here actually gives the answers (and correct ones at that), that's cheating. If you're okay with that, you sicken me.

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