What does a principal use to determine if the discipline worked?

hen I was in highschool a teacher made an enlarged picture of my butt to be funny. It wasnt funny and turned into a huge issue. I reported her to the principal and he made her apologize to me. However people keep telling me not all teachers are like this however all the teachers keep their mouths shut. They don't report other teachers for nonsense. When it comes to specific situations they never wanna go on the record and talk about the conduct 6another teacher. They always say no comment. Even my favorite teacher wouldn't comment on the matter since it was being addressed by the administration. It seems like teachers can do anything they want and they're not challenged for it. I heard of another story  where a teacher in front of several students and other teachers said that a certain could only participate in something because of Ada compliance. He wasnt questioned about it until the kid complained to the principal. It seems principals have no idea how their teachers feel about their students and have no idea how they really treat them. Then I wonder why is a teacher's word taken as fact. My teacher told the principal she wouldn't do it again (She never did). How does he know if she was lying or telling the truth? In that moment how was he so sure?

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  • Pearl
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    maybe theyre afraid to tell on other teachers

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