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White rocks for fish tank make the tank cloudy?

Hey, I bought some new pebbles for the bottom of my tank I believe they’re natural white ones from pets at home however when I set the tank up it was very cloudy so I changed the water and scrubbed them and eventually it filled clear. However almost a day later it is starting to go cloudy again and I do believe it’s from the rocks as it looks the same and nothing new has been added to the tank. Any advice when using these rocks, is it permanent or will it eventually stop making the water cloudy after a few tank cleans? Any advice appreciated thanks.(photo is to show rocks this was before it went cloudy again)

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  • 9 months ago

    Did you wash it thoroughly before using it.

    You might want to check your water to make sure that the rocks isn’t affecting the water’s pH. It could be limestone which will make the water more basic.

    • Hope9 months agoReport

      Yes I washed the rocks in small groups to make sure I could do it thoroughly but even when adding them back in the tank it was cloudy so I had to add little amounts of water carefully and when not disturbed the water stayed clear but now a day later it’s slowly starting to cloud again :/

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