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What is the REASONABLE approach to works by Plato and Aristotle?

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    socrates taught ethics as values. he was put to death because he did not believe in a god as a supernatural value.

    plato says values have an existence completely independent of reality when he interprets socrates. he supports the other-worldly "god" theory of the times.

    aristotle returns values to existing in this reality, not created independently of this material reality, but dependently existing in this reality.

    who came first?

    who lived first in-order?

    socrates 469?b.c.--399 b.c.

    plato 427 b.c.--347 b.c.

    aristotle384 b.c.--322 b.c.

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    Didn't Socrates make those two up in order to better express his views?

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    There are people who regard Plato as BS. I think its reasonable to think of Plato as a poet or science fiction writer. He had a great imagination. The problem with Plato is taking him too seriously.

    What was he getting at with the Cave Analogy? It seems like he was on to something.

    I would say that Aristotle was a wiser man. He had no Utopian vision and said that any form of government gets old and dies. He was one of the Greek protoscientists, philosophers whose work led to science. Nice quote - "Courage has a special place among the virtues, as it is the virtue that makes the other virtues possible."

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