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2007 Honda CR-V can't open spare tire compartment after accident?

I got rear ended.  The tailgate is toast, bumper doesn't look too bad but I can no longer open the spare tire compartment because the cover is jammed shut.  The spare tire well looks fine from the outside though.  Is this evidence of frame damage?  Is my vehicle totalled?  Thanks in advance.

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  • JetDoc
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    10 months ago

    Only your insurance company can make the determination if your car is "totaled". You'll have to wait until THEY do their inspection of the damage.

  • 10 months ago

    Make that part of the settlement in your insurance claim. The car needs to be inspected by a body specialist, not a keyboard jockey.

  • Nancy
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    10 months ago

    The Honda CR-V doesn't have a frame. It's a unibody.  Pretty much the only automobiles that still have frames anymore are pickup trucks, with the exception of a few, including Honda's, which the Honda Ridgeline, I believe, was the first pickup truck to not have a frame, the reason that it rides like a car and not stiffly like a truck.  Anyway, Honda doesn't make any automobiles with frames.  They're all unibodies, meaning rather than all the body panel skins being welded to a steel rectangle frame that rests on the chassis close to the ground, each body panel isn't actually a panel but three-dimensional like a Lego so that they all fit together like Legos and get attached to each other rather than to a frame to provide the structure and physical integrity that supports weight of the automobile.  

    Whether it's totaled or not, I have no idea. Normally, a simple rear-ending isn't enough to total a car, but a 2007 is pretty old, so maybe. It won't be totaled because of a bent frame, though. It'll only be totaled if the cost of repairing the damaged body parts exceeds its value as determined by the insurance company.

  • 10 months ago

    A 12 year old Honda with two or more body panels damaged is very likely to be totalled but only your insurance company can give you the definitive answer.

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