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Which team was not an original NFL team that moved over to the AFC?

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    The Seattle Seahawks were originally in the NFC in 1976. They moved to the AFC from 1977 - 2001 before moving back to the NFC in 2002.

    They are the only franchise to move from the AFC to the NFC after the merger. Steelers, Browns, and Colts all moved as part of the merger.

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      Thanks for the reminder. I forgot about Seattle's move.

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    The Browns, Colts and Steelers all moved into the new AFC upon the NFL-AFL merger in 1970. So the answer to your question is any of the other thirteen NFL teams at the time.

    Unless you mean ORIGINAL NFL teams, going back to the first year AS the NFL, 1922. Green Bay and the Chicago Bears are the only two original teams; a third franchise, the Chicago Cardinals, are now the Arizona Cardinals after many years in St Louis.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by "NOT" an original NFL team.

    Most of the current AFC was not part of the original NFL.

    At the time of the merger, there were 10 AFL Teams:

    AFL East:

    Patriots, Bills, Dolphins, Oilers, Jets

    AFL West:

    Bengals, Chiefs, Chargers, Broncos, Raiders

    Of the current AFC, three started in the NFL, then transferred as part of the merger process in 1969/70:

    Browns, Steelers, Colts

    The Ravens, Texans and Jaguars were all added to the AFC later as expansion teams.


    ** Your question may be referring to the Browns, as they were an NFL team at the time of the merger who had started in another league. They had been in the All-American Football Conference from 1946-1949, then moved to the NFL in 1950.

    ** The '49ers had also been in the AAFC from 1946-1949, then joined the NFL in 1950. But they stayed in the NFC after the merger.


    Of the current NFC, thirteen were members of the NFL at the time of the merger, and three were added later as expansion teams:

    Buccaneers, Seahawks, Panthers.


    *Correction to below - Seahawks switched conferences twice*


    NFL - 16 ; AFL - 10


    NFC - 13 ; AFC - 13 (Browns, Steelers, Colts move to AFC)


    NFC - 15 ; AFC - 13 (Buccaneers, Seahawks added)


    NFC - 14 ; AFC - 14 (Seahawks move to AFC)*


    NFC - 15 ; AFC - 15 [Panthers (NFC), Jaguars (AFC) added]


    NFC - 15 ; AFC - 15 (Browns temporarily ended, Ravens added)


    NFC - 15 ; AFC - 16 (Browns reactivated)

    * 2001:

    NFC - 16 ; AFC - 15 (Seahawks move back to NFC)*


    NFC - 16 ; AFC - 16 (Texans added)

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Cleveland Browns

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