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Anonymous asked in PetsCats · 8 months ago

So my sisters DA heard me  heard me tell a sarcastic but vague joke?

So my sister called an animal shelter there to see what services they provide it for people of low income for her cat add it ended up dying and it no they are trying to make it out to seem like she purposely killed her cat and I jokingly say hi I just tried to kill my cat (pretending I was on the phone with an animal shelter) because I don’t get why someone would purposely hurt an animal and then come on to try to save it’s life But anyways my sister is DA said you should stop talking about it everything you say can be used against you

** I know I shouldn’t  have joked about it or even said it in the courthouse I just get frustrated about how ridiculous it is**


Can The DA of my sisters case seriously use what I said against my sister???

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    What is your question? You didn't actually ask one.

    Your sister failed to provide medical care for her cat and her cat died. Animal abuse/neglect is a crime, not a joke.

    Your sister doesn't have a DA. The DA is the prosecutor.

    ETA: Technically speaking, yes But more likely the DA was just trying to tell you to stop being a moron and have a little more respect for the court.

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    • Katie8 months agoReport

      It’s complicated my sister called and the services were way too expensive and she has 7 kids  to take care of and she also thought the cat was getting better

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