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Do you think chimpanzees have culture? Explain your position?

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    Do you think Chimpanzees have "CULTURE" ?

    to answer define CULTURE

    which definition of Culture is one using

    WORDS can have several uses ..

    referencing one dictionary its defined Culture as arts and other manifestation of HUMAN intelligence .

    .. another use defined as

    a reference to a large and diverse set of INTANGIBLE aspects of SOCIAL LIFE

    SOME assert CULTURE is NOT UNIQUE to Humans

    a NCBI study states Apes and Chimps have culture

    as does LIVE SCIENCE and Jane Goodall Scientific America Scientist Magazine


    CULTURE to cultivate from Latin "CARE "

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    10 months ago

    Yes. Chimps learn from each other. Chimps will watch what their mothers do, and learn from her what plants to eat and what medicinal plants to eat when they have a belly ache, for example. Chimps will also watch intensely what other chimps may do often to learn new tricks. Chimps have learned how to fish for termites. That is culture and it is passed along to future generations through learning. Different groups of chimps have learned how to do things that are unique to their own groups. Some groups for example, may crack nuts using rocks, but others may not know how to do it because no member within the group does it.

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    Of course. Almost all animals have cultures. The more zoology is studied, the more we realise the simplistic notions inculcated into many from infancy via "religious' writings are simply not so. All life forms, even plants, are much more complicated than the lazy perceive them to be. There's good evidence that even plants have a form of communication. Most animals have a language. Simply because we can't understand it well enough to create a lexicon for them, that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

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    10 months ago

    Trump is the prime example of this.

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    10 months ago

    "Jane Goodall’s long-term research on the chimpanzees of Gombe contributed to a comprehensive study that identified almost 40 different behaviour patterns in chimpanzees that are an indication of significant cultural variation. These behaviours include differences in tool use, aimed throwing, nest building, grooming, rain dances, and courtship rituals, and were found to be customary in some communities while absent in others. Researchers ruled out the possibility of the natural environment as influencing such differences. Instead the variation in behaviour was traced to multi-generational social learning and customs — in other words, culture."

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    They have ranks in their pack. Even the lowest rank could beat you to a pulp

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    NO THEY ARE ANIMALS and they jump around...

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    No they are not human, and they lack the intelligence to form it. And they operate on instinct only not anything else and they have no ideas of their own

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