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i wish i was shorter?

i'm a 5'5 american female and am still growing. i genuinely wish i was super short, like around 4'8-5'. i have a kind of aggressive personality but it's not looked at as "cute", it's totally different when you're tall/average. i know this because i have short friends that act this way and they're considered cute and badass. but when tall people act this way people don't like it, they think you're just weird and mean. i want to be cute and tiny but i'm giant and lanky. it's gross and i hate it. i feel like i have to change my personality because it's looked at differently.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    stop defining yourself solely based on height.

    people who do that don't have much of a personality

  • Vicki
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    3 weeks ago

    Um hi, hello. Short person here. No, you don't want to be that short. I am 4'11" and honestly there's no "badass" part of that. It's just cute. No one takes you serious. You are everyones arm rest. And life is a struggle. I have to sit inches away (dangerously close to) my steering wheel. Or I can't see over the dash. But I've been pulled over to be told not to sit that close. I could die instantly in an accident, the risk is increased. I can't reach some shelves. And pants always look weird.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

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