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Am I pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend have been having sex and I'm on birthcontrol. He always pulls out. This month I've not been regularly taking it but I've been taking it at least once a day and if I missed a day id take it as soon as I remembered so basically if I missed one if take two the next day. It only happened a few times this month but now it's the end of the pill pack and my period hasn't started. I've been stressing a lot about it I could barely sleep last night

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  • Helen
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    12 months ago

    1. He doesn't need to pull out if you're on birth control.

    2. If you are not taking the pill as directed and missing days (even if you double up the next day) then this can mess with your cycle.

    Perhaps it might be an idea to set an alarm if you are prone to forgetting pills.

  • Tulip
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    12 months ago

    You asked this earlier

  • 12 months ago

    anything is possible, only a doctor can tell you that but the worse that can happen is you get a cute baby to take care of

  • 12 months ago

    Sometimes your period comes later than a month. At least from what I heard.

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