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Could movie-portrayed zombies actually exist?

I don’t mean conspiracy wise and such. Rather, could a virus of some sort destroy the human brain to a point where the virus controlled the human and in order to reproduce it needed a living human host, the only way it could transfer is through blood explaining the bites. But as seen in The Walking Dead the zombies are not decaying passed a point, they remain pretty well intact after years which wouldn’t that be impossible? Like would a zombie starve?

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    There are 2 examples that I know of, but they are more for insects.

    1 Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is a fungi that takes over ants and turns them into a sort of zombie, compels them to climb as high as possible to die and then infect any other ants in the area with the fungi.

    2, Leucochloridium, a parasitic worm that eats snails alive and turns them into a zombie, go into their eyes where it pulsates and makes them seek out birds so birds will eat the worm and then the cycle starts again where they can reproduce and infect more snails.

    The only thing that might come close for Humans is Rabies, but have no idea how it effects humans.

    I think Humans are way to complex organisms for this to ever happen, especially with medicine today, even Rabies can be treated if caught in time.

    • Mr. Smartypants
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      V. interesting!  I wonder if what fungus or virus it is that makes middle-class people vote again and again to slit their own throats.  8^)

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    Drugs out there will make people act like zombies

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You will find that Christians write all the scary story stuff.  All made up, like their God.

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    4 weeks ago

    a pile of bones moving without any sort of tissue or muscles or tendons...that doesnt sound impossible to you?

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  • Cogito
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    4 weeks ago

    No - of course not.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Well, there is that... like... a fungus that can control ants and turn them into zombies essentially.

    I mean, okay. Technically a zombie traditionally is a being who has been reanimated. Their behaviour is due to the fact that their brain cells are all dead, but their brain still functions at the most primal level. Which means that they only really want to eat. They can fulfill their need for hunger.

    A virus, hypothetically, could do this. Reanimate the brain to the point of basic function with no actual thinking. However, the state of decay I feel would depend on the state of the person before they were infected.

    If they were already dead for a good long while, yeah decay to the point of total obliteration is inevitable. But if they were perfectly healthy and all that has happened is the loss of brain cells then... They could stay in really good shape as long as they keep up with their basic need to eat.

    As well, I take issue with the fact that they "would only eat human flesh". I feel they would eat anything that would fulfill their hunger.

    But yes, I think in all reality they could possibly find or create a zombie virus.

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    i dont think so

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    There's just no such thing.  Zombies are imaginary.  This is why whenever you see them in movies they're different.  Each time a writer has to imagine what they'd be like, what powers they had, how they were dangerous, etc.

    Vampires are the same thing.  EVERY vampire move re-invents vampires, how they work, what they do, etc. etc.

    Imagine if horses didn't exist, and we had to imagine them.  So in some movies they ran 200 mph, in some movies they could fly, in some they could talk.  The only reason horses don't do these things in movies is that horses exist, we know what they're like, and we won't put up with stuff we know they can't do.  But unicorns do all that stuff and more!

  • Henry
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    4 weeks ago

    What does it mean by zombie? In some accounts, demons can possess dead bodies.

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