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Did your parents teach you to be self sufficient, to make decisions for yourself and how to deal with the consequences of those decisions -?

good or bad? Please explain.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Yes, my parents made me accept responsibility for the decisions I made. I was held accountable for bad ones, made to put things right, made to apologise to neighbours if I'd been rude to them etc. I have impeccable manners because my parents wanted to be proud of me and of my achievements in life. If children are not taught these things when very young most of them will grow up clueless, dependent on others for most things and will always expect others to do things for them.

    A work colleague asked me if I'd make her a dress (as I made my own clothes). She said she hadn't a clue how to go about it. I mentioned this to my mother and her comment was "Don't make one FOR her, tell her you'll show her HOW to do it for herself. Take her through it step by step but ensure it is she who actually does the job. That colleague had never intended to do it herself, once the offer was to TEACH her rather than do it FOR her, she went out and bought a dress.

    I've made some bad decisions as well but I guess that lady, who wanted a free ride through life, made far more than I did. We, hopefully, learn from our mistakes and don't repeat them.

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  • Jesse
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    9 months ago

    No. More like I learned from the consequences of my decisions. Ive has to learn the hard way through experience. Not by someone teaching me. That is the story of my life. Hopefully my kids can listen to learn and no have to learn by experience.

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