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Does he like me? (age 16)?

There's a boy I've liked for almost a year, but I'm confused as to whether he likes me:

- With lots of people around he just treats me like a normal friend

- When it's just us we hold hands, he touches my butt, we cuddle, etc.

HOWEVER, a couple of days ago I texted him that I liked him, it was a relatively causal way of asking him out, so I thought. It's been 3 days and he hasn't read/replied (WhatsApp) however he has been online since then as he messaged on a group chat I'm on.

I'm thinking he either likes me but is shy/nervous, or that he was just playing with my feelings and doesn't actually like me, or that he likes me but doesn't want to commit to a relationship. What do you think? I need advice I'm so upset and confused right now.

(Just some background information, he is the only guy I've ever liked, and I've never been in a relationship)

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    Quit letting him touch your butt. He's not your bf. He's a guy who is practicing inappropriate flirting. Lots of high school guys do that. Real shy guys don't fondle girls butts or cuddle with them but don't ask them out. A real shy guy is far more likely to ask you out long before he's sneaking cuddles when no one is looking and fondling your butt.

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  • 9 months ago

    if u r hot hes using u,if not he likes u and u **** him back

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  • 9 months ago

    Don’t chase guys. It’s unbecoming and shows your desperation. Hang tight and allow him to make a move when he’s ready and willing. Otherwise move on.

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