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My gma has Cancer. I have depression. How can i help her without hurting myself?

This sounds selfish, but I make excuses sometimes to see her, but she is more miserable. In pain, freedom/independence is all gone. Needs 24 hour care but doesnt want it and I feel guilty. Its hard on the working family members to do that. I should do more, but every time I see her I want to cry and leave. Her illness is NOT about me, so HOW CAN I HELP HER AND FORGET ABOUT MY FEELINGS??

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    i don't know if you believe in a higher power, but if you do, here's a link i'd like you to see: it's a 7 day prayer miracle. not many people believe in the power of prayer, but i believe that it's what makes all the difference. i pray for you and your grandma.

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    You can read a book or the newspaper to her.   You can tell her how school is going and what you've been doing.   You're right, this isn't about you.   This is about spending quality time with grandma.

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    Pray. Read the Gospel of John to her.

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    your grandma?  - be there for her as much as you can.

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